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What’s On My Reading List? - March 2017

I didn’t read a lot of manga last month (at least not the usual)! But that didn’t mean my read-list had minimized; no, no, people, it did not! I followed couple of new webtoons after (again) I installed a new app on my phone that only lead to me submerging more into reading! Gotta say reading makes me happy so why not!

What’s On My Reading List! is an in-house regular feature here on Rainy Ink where I present you what I’ve read last month. I revive this feature in order to track down the series I read and or now following (if they’re still ongoing/currently publishing)!

I still haven’t finished reading オオカミ少女と黒王子 but here I am reading new series of Hatta Ayuko-sensei’s called  ばいばいリバティー (Bye Bye Liberty) (Status: Ongoing/ Currently Reading): ! What I liked about it that the romance is progressing in a steady phase! (Edit: I just read the latest chapter, I’m taking my words back so!!!~)  A super cute read, 不思議の国の有栖川さん (Fushiginokuni no Arisugawa-san) (Status: Ongoing/ Currently Reading): is a girl with you can say impeccable taste in arts—plays shogi, loves rakugo so romance isn’t on her mind yet, not until she’s 18 but then there’s a guy who find her interesting! It’s from the same author of ハル×キヨ so it’s definitely entertaining!  犬神くんはツンだけどバレてる (Inugami-kun wa Tsun dakedo Bareteru) (Status: Ongoing/ Currently Reading):  a tsundere who can’t hide his tsundere-ness because his freaking tail wags~   An adorable & funny series!

I got excited with upcoming anime this spring so I ended reading  喧嘩番長 乙女~恋のバトルロワイヤル~ (Kenka Banchou Otome – Koi no Battle Royal) (Status: Ongoing/ Currently Reading): and well, I loved it! It’s one of those guilty pleasure reads! (イケメンがたくさんだから) It has the same vibe as SSG~名門男子校血風録~ + I love reverse harem!  I also read  シニギワ (Shinigiwa) (Status: Ongoing/On Hold):  and it is giving me the total creeps! The guy has the power to see death, but he’s not allowed to impede it from happening or there are huge consequences! Gaaah, the scenes are horrifying/gory; why did I read this?! And finally 私の少年 (Watashi no Shounen) (Status: Ongoing/On-hold): about an office worker who got close to this beautiful boy who has scars of his own. Slightly mysterious but not wholly dramatic!


대새녀의 메이크업 이야기 (Dolled Up) (Status: Ongoing/ Currently Reading): is a series for all those KR make-up/cosmetic stans! But I’m not into make-up though I just love the story! Anyway~ again, and as always, I ship the female MC with her best friend!! Hey, the other guy is cute & all, but come on~ Look he’s there, always. He’s happy with you and caring! Take. Notice. Please! Another best friend story with some super natural twist~ 슈퍼 시크릿 (Everybody’s Got A Secret) (Status: Ongoing/Currently Reading): guy’s a wolf, girl is well, human! People keep pushing him to imprint but he wants her to fall for him sincerely~ Gaaah!!! 그는 너무 귀엽다! 아주 귀엽다! It’s pretty funny so totally enjoying this! And another fave~  말할 수 없는 남매 (Unstoppable Siblings) (Status: Ongoing/Currently Reading): I’ve been keeping this on back-burner finally got around reading it! And it’s really good! I really, really hope they’re not related (they’re actually cousins not siblings…but still, you know…) because you can see the chemistry between them! Author-nim please!!!

No Volume/Print Covers

I installed Daum’s  Webtoon App and end up reading some of the series there. I’ll let you know that I have few webtoons apps on my phone (Daum’s, Naver’s, Spottoon, Lezhin). And there are some I’m checking via web. So yeah, I’m into this thing pretty deep! OTL No regrets though as I love reading them! All of the are (Status: Ongoing/ Currently Reading):

  • 가딩 : 그녀는 나의 웬수 (Guarding) is I think originally CH webtoon? Anyhoo it’s about ghost/supernatural stuff. The guy’s best friend died & since she promised that she’ll always protect him, she follows her—to the point she blocks guy’s chances with love! But there’s more than that—deeper mystery about ghosts like her.
  • 가내수공업 Ent. (Handmade Entertainment) is a about girl’s got booted from idol group but her harem (let’s call them that—bunch of good looking guys~) there to help her get back to track!
  • 사랑스러운 복희씨 (Lovely Bokhee-ssi) is my favorite! It’s so cute! She’s a bijin (pretty, pretty girl) but she’s shy and she’s in love with this friendly oppa~ (for a while) But!!! I like that awkward schoolmate of her! He’s just so adorable! Silent fist pumping whenever some small progress happened! LOLOL what a cutie! I really love romance webtoon, they make my heart weep for joy~
  • And I also tried  쌤어드링 (Sampling) a table tennis series! I only read two eps/chps but so far so good! <3
  • Also finally caught up with 공방의 마녀 (Witch’s Workshop) if the art looked familiar that’s bcos it’s from the author of Goong! It’s about a witch and lifting up the curse of the family who can never get attracted except for old ladies. It’s funny but a bit frustrating!

And that’s it! So how about you, how’s the reading pile? Overwhelming like mine? Care to share it with me?