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I want to go back to the swing of things as swiftly as possible. And with that I’ve decided to return my old feature I called “What’s On My Reading List?

This is a special feature on Rainy Ink where I present you the books & manga I’m planning to read or currently reading. I decided to do this in hope that I’ll able to de-clutter my ever piling TBR.

That feature of mine that reminds me I have tons of things to read. Sometimes feels like a chore, & sometimes an undeniable need.


I’m quite busy/preoccupied these past few weeks that I may (may not) neglected my bookish list for October. I just don’t have the energy (apart from my motivation to read dwindled a notch lower again) to read. And those I did try lost me halfway through.

Assassin’s Heart by Sarah Ahiers

Just My Luck by Cammie McGovern

Letting Go by Molly McAdams

I plan to read Assassin’s Heart the moment I downloaded the galley from EW. But I hesitated because I’m not in the mood. It always been a big influence on how I receive the book but I need to the drive back even just for a little (maybe this is the one). I think I’ve read a review of Just My Luck, & it wasn’t a positive one? The author’s works that I’ve tried before wasn’t super astounding to me but it was OK to give her other books a try. And finally, Letting Go because I need some NA (that’s all there is)


Watashi wa Pen de Sekai o Kaeru by Doumoto Nao

Bokura no Kiseki by Kumeta Natsuo

Aruitou by Nanaji Nagamu

QQ Sweeper by Motomi Kyousuke

Ouja no Yuugi by Iori Tabasa

Kasane by Matsuura Daruma

Usually all the manga I’ve featured here I already started reading and just doing some catching up. Then there are few ones that are newly serialized manga like Watashi wa Pen de Sekai o Kaeru (which is by the way so, so interesting since heroine is mangaka who is in love with unattainable guy—member of an idol group). She has two love interests that are really great guys; but too bad for them that girl is too in love to give them some thought. It’s more hilarious than it is romantic which fine for me since I dig this kind of story. I put Bokura no Kiseki and Aruitou on-hold before but now, I think I’m in the mood to read them again, particularly the latter, after re-reading the author’s previous work called Parfait Tic (one of my absolute fave shoujo manga). And of course, Kyousuke Motomi’s (famous for Dengeki Daisy) newer work called QQ Sweeper (sequel is out called Queen’s Quality btw). It’s fantasy series, there’s not a lot of love stuff going on but I still love it. It’s Motomi-sensei, so yeah, there are always great things in her manga.

I mostly read shoujo nowadays but I can’t help but go astray and pick up some shounen, & seinen so I got Ouja no Yuugi: a historical fiction about generals & their strategies set in the world of three kingdoms. And that mind-boggling seinen series called Kasane. It’s a weird series because it’s dark but not in a TG fashion kind of way, but I have conflicting feelings for the MC (it’s a girl btw) since she did questionable things but I empathize her because of the situation she was in. Ah, but really, it’s good! It’s crazy but gripping!

So how about you, how’s the reading pile? Overwhelming like mine? Care to share it with me?

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10 Responses to What’s On My Reading List? #3

  1. Cherri says:

    You know, my list is crazy! I have a stack of books and manga volumes I need to read. Mostly Otomen, since I’d prefer to finish collecting Nana before I sit to read more. Same with Angel Sanctuary. As for books, I cannot remember all the title names.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I haven’t finished Otomen (I’m bad at keeping up with on-goings series tbqh). I think this is already finished maybe I’ll try to continue it soon. Isn’t Nana on hiatus? Girl, that will be a tough one to collect.

      LOL, as for our list, the crazier the better, yes?! Thanks Cherri! <3333

    • Cherri says:

      It’s okay! I think all the volumes for Otomen are out, I just need to get them. And for Nana, I didn’t know it was on hiatus. Or if it is. I know. I’m missing volumes between 10 and 18 I think. But I’ll finish the series….one day. Gotta keep at it! (Don’t know why I had to pick a tough one, though.)

      Crazier is better! And my list just keeps growing.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I heard the author was sick or something? It so hard to keep up but somehow I always find myself adding more into it. It’s an obsession, LOL. XD

  2. I wasn’t blown away by Just my luck, unfortunately 🙁
    Assassin’s heart sounds SO good, but like you I haven’t been in the mood for it – yet. My reading pile is starting to get a bit overwhelming, because I haven’t been reading much. I was on top of it, but then it kinda got out of hand. I blame NaNo.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I hope we get our drive back; a lot of books sound promising. Oh, I think it was your review. I’ll be reading it with caution. ;D

  3. Chri says:

    QQ Sweeper’s SO GOOD. I didn’t know there was a sequel though! I’ll have to go look for that. Watashi wa Pen de Sekai o Kaeru sounds really good, though your post came at the wrong time because I JUST told myself I’d allocate more screwing-around-on-the-internet time to studying ><

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I haven’t finished QQ Sweeper but I’m excited to read more because it leans more action/mystery. Watashi wa Pen de Sekai o Kaeru is hilarious! Haha, sorry for screwing up your sched then. 😛

  4. I have Assassin’s Heart, as well! I really need to read all the new galleys I downloaded from EW, but for some reason, I am not getting around to them >.< I have so many other review copies for this year, that next year's probably won't be read until next year, haha XD

    My reading list is definitely as big as yours! I don't know how it gets so out of hand every month *hides* I think I need to stop requesting so many books, because I just overwhelm myself. Sigh.

    I haven't read any manga in so long! The final volumes of Pandora Hearts are coming out soon, which will be so sad to read. I want to savour them because it's one of my favourite series.

    I hope you get around to reading these, and that you like them, Mitchii 😀

    • Mitchii G. says:

      We’re drowning in books but somehow it is always not enough (I still see myself hunting for more books) T^T I hope we manage to tackle our reading pile efficiently! xD

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