Regular / In which Mitchii shares her excessive TBR!!!

I want to go back to the swing of things as swiftly as possible. And with that I’ve decided to return my old feature I called “What’s On My Reading List?

This is a special feature on Rainy Ink where I present you the books & manga I’m planning to read or currently reading. I decided to do this in hope that I’ll able to de-clutter my ever piling TBR.

That feature of mine that reminds me I have tons of things to read. Sometimes feels like a chore, & sometimes an undeniable need.


Will try to read and review these (operative word: try). I want to really spice of my review style but no idea come onto me yet. Oh well… thank you Harper Collins International for these copies. I’m reading Shadow Queen bit by bit, and so far so good!

Behold the Bones by Natalie C. Parker, *The Shadow Queen C.J. Redwine, Away We Go by Emil Ostrovski

* did try to read it before but then I got preoccupied yet again. ^^;


I don’t read a lot of manga nowadays because I’m channeling my reading frustration through webcomics—Korean Webcomics. Oh man, are they fun! But yeah, these guys, I’m tackling them this month for sure!

Perfect World by Aruga Rie

Tendou-ke Monogatari by Saitou Ken

Urakata! by Hatori Bisco

I’m trying to clean my manga TBR a bit; although all those manga I featured before I did manage to read few chapters, and even some of them I caught with the latest chapter so I’m pretty happy with it. The manga titles above, I have only read the first chapters. And they all interesting but I’m bit disappointed with Urakata! since this is Hatori-sensei’s (famous for Ouran High School Host Club) new series and it didn’t totally capture me. Maybe it’s too soon to tell, besides I only read the first chapter, let’s see, let’s see.

So how about you, how’s the reading pile? Overwhelming like mine? Care to share it with me? :mrgreen: