Blogger / In which Mitchii shares her little writing routine to her subjective systematic blogging!

I told you guys that I finally found my blogging groove and I realized how awesome it is to schedule and write my content beforehand.  I was the impulsive type before and there was nothing wrong with it because in many years it was working fine for me—because how I used to run my blog and my content before allowed that liberty. But now that I moved away from my old self and interest, I decided to changed things up a bit.  I used to think that scheduling was restricting but it actually isn’t. It just looks that way but it’s actually easier to plan things ahead. It doesn’t have to be perfect but sparing some free time to schedule posts and write ‘em proved to be an easier method!

I’m not gonna talk about how I sched (I already did that before) nor my writing style (because I already did that, too) but when I type up all my content. When I decided to do some reorganization and do some blog planning, I made time to write my content beforehand. Like my old system, I still write whenever the idea sparks, but I no longer need to post them immediately.  I saved all the post then think of when to post it. For example, this February I decided to concentrate on romance subject/theme (because DUH! Valentines, you know the whole love month thing!) I check all my blog post ideas and some posts I already wrote. I organized them if they are similar or connected. But I don’t always do this, it doesn’t have to be interrelated, sometimes I select posts for the month I think I want to post ‘em. So in a way, I’m kinda still spontaneous.

I wrote at least 2-3 posts on average writing night (maybe 3-4 times in a month or whenever the mood strikes). I told you guys that I’m innately verbose prisoned inside a timid body.  I can go and on and on, but often my post isn’t cohesive in terms of topic but I can’t help rambling so some may think that it’s easier for me. Well, it’s easier because I’m laid back, I don’t treat my blog professionally or academically. More like a journal for my interest. And it’s my personality to not sound rigid. I’m not really very good writer but I can’t help sharing my thoughts. And I digress (see!) but I sit down one night write my thoughts on topics I came up with it then save! This content will either sit for many weeks, months…or I’ll post it after few days, depends on my mood. See, again spontaneous.

But on average I write my content a month prior but some content get filtered and rescheduled. But the thing is I just write them whenever I’m in the mood, whenever the idea hatched or when I have the free time and feel like writing. So there’s no pressure on when I need to write my posts. The only thing that changed actually was the fact of when I post it! I still do the same things, I just sound so polished and strategic. Fufufu~  not really! So now you know!

How about you? When do you write your blog content? Are you the spontaneous type! Living in the moment kind? Or are you like me who writes post beforehand? How many hours/days do you spend on writing your content! Share your thoughts! Or like give this post a like! ~