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I have bunch of anime I wanted to watch that...


I have bunch of anime I wanted to watch that currently still ongoing. But curiosity once again got the better of me and decided to check the first episodes (just so I know if the waiting is actually warranted) of these shows. So far, Gekkan Shoujo Nozakikun and Ao Haru Ride piqued my interest from the get-go. But I decided to read Ao Haru Ride because of the positive vibe the first episode gave me.

It turns out I hated the male lead. The worst thing could ever happen when I read shoujo manga. At least in Last Game I both love Yanagi and Hinata, but man Kou, here in this series pissed me off. One of my most hated characteristic of a male protag/love interest is their cold exterior, when they ‘re doing too much ‘emo’ that they’re taking the female lead for granted or worst,treating them badly. I know that Kou has emotional baggage, yadda, yadda, and all that. But the way he treated Yoshioka is just ugh, frustrating. So I was so hoping that there’s going to be a guy that will show him how to treat a girl.

And Kikuchi-kun happened. I thought him as a diversion? But he exceeded my expectations and now, I’m shipping them hard. I’m rooting him hard! And it makes me sad because he’s just the other guy. Even if they were going to be together (which I was hinted by my sister) in the end Kou will still be the end game and I’m going to be heartbroken because I root the other, sweet, patient, and understanding guy!

This is why I’m so reluctant to ship couples in shoujo series. Most of the time I prefer the other guy and in shoujo, from the very beginning you will know who will win her heart. The only time that some sort of miracle happened was in Parfait Tic. I might have cried tears of joy for Daiya because adgfdhgkjhlkh;; his love was reciprocated and I shipped them hard from the start!

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