Honestly, my energy to blog is zapped by all the things that happening right now! I’m so discouraged by everything I read. It just makes me so unhappy & stressed out. For homebody like myself, being inside the house should be nothing new but even inside the house I can feel the something’s different now. In one way or another, we’re all affected. And this begs for change—from what we knew; what we used to! Post title came from Tuli Kupferberg, and I think it rings true for everyone, right?

During this time, some people encouraged others by making themselves busy to fight the boredom & stress. They said if you lack time before to find new hobbies or learn something new, now’s the right time. But for me, it’s easier said than done. Sometimes you have to be in the right head space to do something. When your heart’s not in it then there’s no helping it. And right now, that’s how I feel—in connection to my regular posts! My reading habits didn’t change a lot. If anything, I read more than the usual. Escapism, sure is! And I still have lots to say, so I ain’t quitting. I guess, take this entry as a new theme for upcoming posts? I need a place to update and to speak my mind. Just glad I made this personal blog now so these kinds of posts aren’t out of place! And I’m letting you in on a secret, *whispers* this is the inspiration I’m taking in as created the new design of my blog.

Yes, yes, yes! I don’t normally announce my blog plans in order not to jinx it 🤞 but I think I have to. Kinda pep talk to myself that there’s something to look forward to; ‘cos this 2020 my blogs hits 10! Ten years of blogging and learning! But for now, I’m taking the time off to speak my thoughts on reading & stuff, and vent put all these emotions swirling inside!

So what do I do now? As I said I read a lot! To those who have access to my personal twitter, I posted all king of spoiler-y stuff! I love to read, especially now! As you can see in my monthly wrap-up, I’m totally in love with Korean webtoons! I’m also re-reading in between + trying to catch-up to some manga & webtoons…my backlog! Additionally, I’m polishing my language studies which I have neglected for sometime now: 한국어! I found comfort in writing journal as opposed to writing then prettifying them. I’ve resigned to the fact that I’m better off as digital creator/designer than I do traditionally. It’s okay some have weakness and trad design is not part of my skill set, I’ve now realized! But that being said there really is comfort in writing down, just writing it down. Little accomplishments, small progress—I revel in them all!

So maybe for now, blogging is not the same as it used to be. And I’m now okay with that realization. It’s fine, it’s not that the zest is gone but these little thoughts, intimacy as far as my writing is concern—maybe it’s the new direction I want to take! I’m excited to show the “me” & the new direction & design (soon)! It’s kinda bummed me that it took a quarantine due to pandemic to realize the new chapter I’m heading to but that’s okay. As I always say, change isn’t bad in and of itself. Change for the better is always welcome! I welcome change!