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Author:  Isabelle Rae Published: September 27th 2012 Publisher: Smashwords (Self...

Author:  Isabelle Rae
Published: September 27th 2012
Publisher: Smashwords (Self Published)
Categories: Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

I don’t know exactly how we got from discussing Biag ni Lam-ang to his love story. But here’s the short version of it: he fell in love with a student, not his student though but he always saw her. But unlike in the books I’ve read he took the high road and didn’t approach her until graduation. Later, they married and had a daughter. Sadly, his wife died but even though it’s been years since then, he didn’t even think of marrying again, his daughter was already a teenager then (that was 2005). He must have really loved his wife to say that he’s not looking for another woman in his life anymore.

So when it comes to this kind of story I find it realistic but we know fiction such as this one tends to exaggerate some details. But I’m not complaining. First Want, then Slammed and now When Summer Ends by Isabelle Rae. All is about a teacher who fell in love with their student. While I do love this kind of love story I still think it is unethical of the teacher to pursue a relationship with a student. It’s not about the age it just…looked wrong. We don’t choose we fall in love that one is I wholeheartedly agree on but we are given a choice on we should react or decide on this kind of sticky situation.

When Chloe sneaked into a bar she met the dashing bartender Will. She even offered her help. Things started from there and attraction is quite undeniable. But when school starts, she got the surprise of her life when she found out Will was her new teacher. Will was also taken aback; he even asked her to tell the principal of what had happened between them. But she chose to remain quiet about it. But Will decided to end their relationship for their own good. But neither of them is ready to see each other with different people. So they settled and patch things up but they were caught by one of the student who hated her and blackmailed them. But the eager brother of Will, Sam helped them eased them out of the blackmail situation and even giving her a dose of her own medicine.

I wish that Will didn’t continue their relationship while she was still in school. He could’ve just talk to her and ask her to wait for him. If they really loved each other as they said, they can wait. They should’ve refrained themselves from any form of physical intimacy and that is whether somebody sees them or not. He needed to control his desire to hold her. I know it’s going to be hard but it’s not really impossible. That is why I wasn’t surprised when someone saw them. And you know what despite the bitchiness of the girl; I still think that she didn’t deserve it. Now wholly. In some way it glorifies their forbidden relationship by masking it with a lie. I think Sam was so clever to think about how they’ll get out of her blackmailing but it is all wrong in every angle.

The story was kind of inconsistent. I like the first half, the middle part sagged a bit but the ending—the epilogue I mean was the one that won me over. I love happy endings. I love that I saw each one of them with their current happy lives. It was that fun kind of reunion type. Top it with a happy married life and another child, their lives come in full circle.

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