Author: Rebecca Serle
Expected publication: May 1st 2012 by Simon Pulse

I received an eARC from Simon & Schuster via their Galley Grab program. Thank you.

I have yet to read Romeo and Juliet. I know, I know, it’s inexcusable that I still haven’t read the book yet.  But I saw other—several adaptations, maybe that count for something. I remember every time our English teacher asks us to choose a classic book; I always end up picking anything from Mark Twain and Frances Hodgson Burnett or any classic children book.  The tragic love story doesn’t appeal to me.

So why the heck am I here reading (read) this book? One, I miss galley grab. No seriously, I do. Saw the link floating around and I just downloaded it. No qualms whatsoever. Two, in 13 to Life, I recall Pietr told Jessie that he hates Romeo and Juliet, one of the characters there told Jessie this—“Hardly a romantic hero (Romeo). He was head over heels for Rosaline, and then—poof! She’s out-of-sight-out-of-mind as soon as Juliet comes into view.” And she added that only reason Romeo wanted Juliet because she’s unattainable and they were blinded by hormones. So obviously that argument was an eyebrow-raising moment. Interesting how she put it that way.  Anyway, there’s a copy of Romeo and Juliet in our house, maybe one of these days (not soon though) I might read it.

I have yet to encounter books—retelling on Rosaline’s account. So I decided to go ahead and read it. It was a typical Romeo and Juliet. Modern twist and whatnots. But I enjoyed it. Most of it.  Rob and Rosie are friends, then they decided to risk their friendship by dating. But when her cousin Juliet showed up, things changed. Plus, the complicated matters between their parents made this simple, completely mundane teen relationship into a messy family, romantically inclined problem.

I did not like Rob—Romeo or whatever. Maybe because I have some bias against his character and I know how their relationship will end up. Though I’m sad of what had happened to him (and Juliet). Len, the real main guy was ok. I knew he is the guy for Rosaline.  Even if they described him as an ass, bad guy, sarcastic or whatever, I know he’s not all that. Though he didn’t totally catch my interest, he’s definitely a better character than Rob. And Rosaline? Yeah, she’s ok too.

It’s was another ok read. Maybe since…you know, I haven’t read the original that I find the story refreshing. It’s rare for a retelling of this book that focuses on Juliet’s cousin. And at least in this one, (except for Rob and Juliet) the story did not end up in catastrophe. Rosaline’s ending was a nice one. Things happen for a reason. She’s with now with a better guy.