Please feed my inquisitive mind and tell me your ideal reading place.

Please feed my inquisitive mind and tell me your ideal reading place. / Image ©

This post was sparked from the comment I received from my latest special post. I’m really intrigued where you guys usually do your reading. I admitted that I’m not really that comfortable reading outside specifically if I know I’m going to be very busy. But if I know I have long hours to spare or I know I’m going to wait that long I do think of carrying something to read.

I also recalled those times when I was at work where I sneaked few minutes to read a book I was really so excited to read. But honestly it wasn’t really that fun because I was halting every now and then and it was really frustrating. ^^; Especially if I’m on the exciting part and I needed to stop. It was so near yet so far. In addition, if the place I’m reading is a busy place sometimes I plugged my ears with my headset; as music helps me concentrate more.

But where do I usually read? At the comfort of my home; on my bed precisely. I usually read during nighttime. I love the silence, it drowns everything and I’m very concentrated on what I read. In fact, I think it factors in on why I read so fast; because I put all my concentration on reading & don’t do anything on the sideline. I rarely hold my phone and tweet about what I’m reading. I can do multi-task but I think I’m more efficient if I focus on one task at a time. I find it amazing how people manage to tweet or label pages with post-it notes while reading (flipping the page was sorta annoying hindrance enough :yesyes:). I just read and I’ll do everything else (like tweeting) after I’ve read it.

So my reading place should always be comfortable. Honestly, I haven’t tried reading on a coffee shop (even though there’s Starbucks near my place). I don’t know the best place for me is always at home. Well, I guess for huge homebody like me, of course, the most ideal place for me to read is still at home. ;D

So how about you guys? Where do you usually read? Do you read outside? Do you carry book all the time? Care to share it with me!