Please feed my inquisitive mind and tell me your ideal reading place.

Please feed my inquisitive mind and tell me your ideal reading place. / Image ©

This post was sparked from the comment I received from my latest special post. I’m really intrigued where you guys usually do your reading. I admitted that I’m not really that comfortable reading outside specifically if I know I’m going to be very busy. But if I know I have long hours to spare or I know I’m going to wait that long I do think of carrying something to read.

I also recalled those times when I was at work where I sneaked few minutes to read a book I was really so excited to read. But honestly it wasn’t really that fun because I was halting every now and then and it was really frustrating. ^^; Especially if I’m on the exciting part and I needed to stop. It was so near yet so far. In addition, if the place I’m reading is a busy place sometimes I plugged my ears with my headset; as music helps me concentrate more.

But where do I usually read? At the comfort of my home; on my bed precisely. I usually read during nighttime. I love the silence, it drowns everything and I’m very concentrated on what I read. In fact, I think it factors in on why I read so fast; because I put all my concentration on reading & don’t do anything on the sideline. I rarely hold my phone and tweet about what I’m reading. I can do multi-task but I think I’m more efficient if I focus on one task at a time. I find it amazing how people manage to tweet or label pages with post-it notes while reading (flipping the page was sorta annoying hindrance enough :yesyes:). I just read and I’ll do everything else (like tweeting) after I’ve read it.

So my reading place should always be comfortable. Honestly, I haven’t tried reading on a coffee shop (even though there’s Starbucks near my place). I don’t know the best place for me is always at home. Well, I guess for huge homebody like me, of course, the most ideal place for me to read is still at home. ;D

So how about you guys? Where do you usually read? Do you read outside? Do you carry book all the time? Care to share it with me!

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  1. Annie says:

    My house is by far my favourite place to read! It can’t get any better than that! I read a lot in my bed snuggled up in the sheets at night, sometimes on my couch. I probably read in those two places the most. They’re also the comfiest. I read on the subway as well and in line, while I’m walking, in class but it’s never as nice as being able to lie in bed feeling relaxed and reading. I haven’t tried reading in a coffee shop either! I’ll probably try it one day but I agree, it’ll never beat home!

  2. Cee says:

    Like you, I usually read from the comfort of my bed at night time, preferably right before sleeping. Anywhere else, I’m sure to get distracted because so many things are happening around me that my focus would go somewhere else. I don’t tend to bring my kindle with me because I’m usually doing quick errands or going to places that I’m too busy to break out my kindle.

    I am in awe of those people who are able to stop and tweet about what’s happening because I like staying in the zone, and if I pull away from the book, I’m sure to get distracted.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I also like to focus on reading & do nothing else (maybe except listening to music). Those people are amazing, they even comment/tweet on elaborately.

  3. Alice says:

    Because of space limitations, I read in bed. If I’m lucky I get a quiet living room to myself to read. I like to be somewhere quiet and comfortable. Outside can be nice and I have my book on me at all times so I can read whenever where ever.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Quiet and comfortable are the most descriptors of an ideal reading place, right? I can read outside but don’t do that often.

  4. Tory says:

    I read at home too, but mostly on the couch and I change positions all the time, lol. I do read in bed but since I share the room with another and don’t have a bedside lamp, I don’t read there as often as I’d like. I also read while I commute but I usually pick anthologies or short stories if I have a choice because of all the halting and possible missing of my stop!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I’m amazed with people who can read while on commute. The movement of the vehicle makes it hard for me & I get dizzy from doing so.

  5. Cindy says:

    I read anywhere! Normally at home or during my breaks at work. Sometimes if the book is really interesting and I can’t get enough, I’ll sneak in some pages during class.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I did that once, I was frustrated becasue I wanted to continue badly. So I try read with the knowledge I have plenty of time to do so. 🙂

  6. Faye M. says:

    I agree! I love reading when I am comfortable, and that usually means the bed. I’ve tried to read in a Starbucks place once, but I couldn’t concentrate because I was sitting up on a hard chair, it was cold as frack, and people were laughing and talking all around me. It’s really better to do it in the comforts of your bed :3 I read so much faster that way!

  7. I definitely love reading on my bed too! Like you, I read at night and usually when I do that, I’m just lying down with pillows propped at my backside, holding a book in front of me. I sometimes read in public places especially when I need something to entertain me but I have to be able to drown out the noise. On school breaks, I read in the library. That’s mostly it. 🙂

  8. I also love reading on my bed at night, but more often then not, I read in this really uncomfortable one-person seat in our living room. It’s uncomfortable, but I prefer reading without people sitting beside me, so it’s perfect for that. 😉 I do most of my reading the second I wake up in the morning. I guess I like the natural light by the windows? I honestly don’t know myself. xD

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I also don’t like people sitting beside me while I read. I don’t know, it feels uncomfortable as if I was being observed me while I read HAHA.

  9. Kezia says:

    Those times at school when I had to put down my book because the teacher had assignments for us to do were the worst! Especially if I was reading fantasy or heavy books. I hate for my concentration to be broken so these days I read at home when I’m sure I have enough time to finish the book in one or two sitting haha. xD Contemporary is another story though! I don’t mind reading it at school during free periods even if it’s kinda noisy around me 😛

  10. I always read before I go to sleep. A bed is my favorite place too. I love to snuggle in a corner with piles of pillows 😀 I also have a comfy chair I like to sit in, especially when the sun shines, because it stands on the perfect sunny spot.

  11. I don’t like reading outside either, mostly because I get really easily distracted, and I hate being interrupted while I’m reading. >< But even though I say that, I still bring around a book almost everywhere I go, sort of like a just in case, haha. That aside, I prefer reading in my room, on my bed, most of the time just before I go to sleep. Then I know nothing's going to disturb me and I can dive into a world in peace. 🙂

  12. Jackie says:

    Reading in bed is too big of a challenge for me since I usually fall asleep after two or three pages. I get much more reading done curled up on the couch with a cuppa tea and a good book or sitting outside on my balcony enjoying the sunshine.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I wish I can fall asleep that easily (been suffering from insomnia since teen). Actually reading does help me sleep. I wish we have a balcony where I can do my reading. Urban living is tough for quiet bookworm like me. T^T

  13. Beth says:

    If I’m honest, I usually read in the corner of the staffroom when I’m on my lunchbreak, or in my car as I’m waiting for my shift to start. At the weekend I might read a bit in bed, but most of my reading is done at work. Which is kind of weird, when you think about it.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I couldn’t do reading at work. The people keep popping in and had to entertain them, haha. But I don’t think it is weird though.

  14. Lola says:

    I usually read at home in my bed an hour before I go to sleep, I like reading before I go to sleep as it helps calm my mind. Preferable with my two pet rats curled up next to me. Or I read on the couch in the living room. I can read in public or even outside, but then it either has to be very quiet or busy enough that I can’t make out the individual words and conversations. I enjoy reading durign a long train yourney. I can get easily distracted when reading, so that’s why I prefer to read in complete silence.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Complete silence, yes, I wholeheartedly agree. Wow, rats? Do they usually run around? But that’s kinda sweet environment you’re setting up. 😀

  15. I usually read in two main places:

    – On the couch in the living room. I like this because my living room is upstairs, so there’s a lot of natural light to read by. We also have a bay window, so I can look outside and see trees and things while I read. And my cats spend a lot of time in the living room, so I like to be near them.

    – In my bed in my bedroom. I only read in be when I’m super sick, or at nighttime just before I go to sleep. I like reading in bed because it’s super comfortable, and is the place where I always associate with reading. I also love the feeling of reading until the wee hours of the morning where everything is quiet and lovely. ^.^

    I don’t read outside. I mean, I used to read outside at uni sometimes, but not a lot. Only when I had huge chunks of time between classes! It was always too noisy and I don’t really like reading with other people. I like to react to what I’m reading, and I always feel weird if I laugh or smile in public at something I have read >.<

    So, I don't carry a book with me! Simply because I'd rather savour the reading experience in my own home 😀

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