Feature / Another venture in rebranding and what pushed me to make this decision.

Hello! It’s nice to see you here! If you managed to hunt down where I relocated then thank you for following me, still. It’s nice to know that you’re up to the task of following my excessive fangirl outburst as part of your online activity; with that you have my huge thanks! And if you just gotten curious with the changes, I have that cover, too! Yes, this is former Rainyink (also the ex-Aeropapers) but the blogger (me!) want some name change (again!)!  And I got what I want!

It was 2 years ago when I decided to abandon the name Aeropapers because it highly associated with my bookworm persona. It was as I explained here no longer represented the new me I was grooming then. The whole migration (at least the back-end) was smooth, but getting everything sorted took several experimentation until I got the momentum and sleekness I wanted from the very start of my rebranding.

In a nutshell that’s how it went down, but I break down my reason to few more pointers. If you want the TL:DR that’s it (above) but if you want to whole nine yards then read some more.

I just don’t like my domain name anymore!
I’m fickle-minded, specially when it comes to name. So it isn’t a surprise when I’m itching for a new name. That’s actually the biggest reason, rainyink doesn’t sound super fun to me anymore! I’m not in love with it the way I did when I was thinking of my new brand two years ago. Back in the late 2016 when my scheduling has finally and fully integrated in my blogging system…I was thinking of changing the name again, but I just renewed it so I gave myself an ultimatum: if this feeling lingered by the time I needed to renew I’ll probably cave in to my desire—so here we go.
It’s all about me (not that it wasn’t about me before!)
I want to add more personal stuff around here since I want it to be a personal blog as well & not solely as hobbyist blog which were my blog’s numerous incarnations was. But don’t expect me baring my everything like I used to do in my livejournal (the teenage angst *hides*) but I don’t know, I do want an avenue for something cannot be incorporated in other categories.
Inconspicuous is the name of the game!
I want my domain to be under the radar again…like in its early years. No, it’s not that I hate my readers or visitors, I want a fresh start. I know (and I read) that weren’t onboard with the changes I made in rainyink (not that I blame them) so I want something new…something low-key hence I didn’t announce or plug this post…let the chips fall naturally. #doingmyusualninjamoves
I maybe want to try some things & jazz it up with my new blog style!
My scheduling was a success and I want to carry that over to my not-so new blog! Like in reason #2, I want to be it more me. Yeah, that’s not impossible to be more narcissistic than originally was then you thought wrong! Jokes aside, I think I want a brand new style, something more fun, something more me and less than others. I have enough of doing everything else are doing, it’s gonna be the fun that I want, and this is the great time to do it!
I want something fresh to motivate me!
Usually new theme keeps the blogging slump away. I decided to take a month long from blogging (after six years—wait, technically 2 months). When my blog operated itself via WP’s scheduling, I was doing something else. I was away from my blog and the guilt gnawed me like whoa! On one hand, I felt free not thinking about my blog but on the other, there was a huge part of me that missed it terribly. But whenever I look at it I legitimately felt lost. So new theme and the prospect of rebranding has kept me super excited! Ideas are pouring wild!!! XD

I loved my old theme but since it’s under a new name and game plan, it deserves a new design! I just retained few aspects of the old theme that I super adore and combined with this one. It’s the most interactive I ever coded lots of animations and CCS3 trickeries there! It looks polished yet fun (if I dare say so myself)—oooh and pink! You know, I gotta have tons some PINK!

And that’s about it. So again I wave you dear online lurkers a big HI! It’s Mitchii’s same old brand new blog!!!