Blogger / In which Mitchi shares her ultimate blogging tip, OK not ultimate! But important regardless!

It is just a simple task; get a paper/notebook and pen (or your phone if you’re like me glued to their phones) and write! Sometimes you’ll get idea from the strangest things (and not just about blogging topics, I also told you how sporadic my design inspiration comes from!)  You always need to be ready when the inspiration sparks. And trust me it sometimes happens in the most inconvenient times so you need to be ready!

So why as simple as taking notes is your critical blogging tip, Mitchii?  Because for that sole reason—it’s simple! I sound like a broken record already but let me emphasize it once again that I used to be very unsystematic type of blogger—“I think therefore I’ll blog.” It was very immediate; I thought of an idea, wrote it then published! Wa-lah~ my inefficiency at its best! And I relied too much on my mental capacity which is now obviously isn’t all that great compare to when I was younger. So I make amends by taking notes became a part of my routine!

And let’s be realistic here, just because you’re motivated to do things at the moment it means your mind and mood will also be! These factors can be a little (or lot) uncooperative! Sometimes I get that time that I want to do all sort of stuff because I feel so motivated, but like Spongebob with his overly enthusiasm to finish his essay but all he did just an overly designed word ‘The— things can be a little stubborn. Yes! It happens! This scenario happens to me all the time apart from procrastination game is always at its peak! A simple writing down my ideas saved me from blogging slump! Have you ever noticed I blog continuously even though my blog rebranded! Even if I don’t blog as frequent as I used to before (because who does every day blogging like pffffftttt that wizard’s level!) I still can whip up content! OK, quality is nothing to brag about but I’m very proud of the topics I came up with and that because I never failed to take down notes of ‘em! As to when I’m ready to write, it’ll flow down organically!

So yeah, if you’re gonna ask me what’s the greatest tip I can give you to maintain your blog/s? I’d say take down notes! Blog is content oriented! Ideas is one making up your blog all jazz up so you better have that trove of ideas on your arsenal—and the simple first step to create that is to  TAKE DOWN NOTES!

How about you? Have do you manage your content ideas? Do you also take down notes? Do you also think that jotting down ideas is very efficient when it comes to blogging? Leave me some lovin~ by sharing your thoughts or liking this post!