Quite a nice season! I found new favorite in the series like Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi. I even reignited my interest in Ajin and harshly reminded how awful it is to ship a couple you know it won’t happen *coughs* Obi + Shirayuki *coughs* Nevertheless winter anime was still loads of fun. Hopefully spring will follow suit (although I am more interested with the summer line-up~ heart_bounce, but let’s take one season at a time). (List is arranged according to favorites!)

Last Notes for Winter Anime 2016:

  • Haikyuu!! Second Season – all Haikyuu!! fans already knew about the news of the third season slated to air in October (fall). Oh my gosh, I’m quite excited. Shiratorizawa match is about Tsukishima. I love me more Tsukki moments. The boy grew up in the span of 30+ chaps and I can’t wait to see it, especially the how the match ends! But still so much love for Aoba Josai match especially episode 24 where everything was so intense and everyone was shouting yoshaaa~ every damn chance. But can’t say I blame them, it was a really fierce match. Oh boys, you and your passion for volleyball! kao_cheering
  • Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi – this would have been easily my favorite this season if weren’t for last three episodes. I read an article from ANN about the ending following the manga and guess what: IT WASN’T! It was almost completely deviated from the original ending bar that little moment with Airi. My total gripe was that thing with Yashiro. It just felt out of place. And then the lack of explanation as to how Satoru was saved from the sinking van; Yashiro’s backstory & Airi. Ugh, A-1 why? Just, why??!! kao_mad
  • Gintama° – time to cry my fellow Gintama-tards, it has now come. kao_sad I guess the animation studio has exhausted the material and needed to end the series. I was just baffled as to why the studio didn’t opt to adapt few minor arcs. Thankfully one of my fave arcs is going to be released as two-part OVA. That’s better than nothing, right? But kinda sad that both anime & manga is about to end! *sobs hard*
  • Prince of Stride: Alternative – what a fujoshi bait this series was. I thought otome game is about the lady & his boys. This one was about the boys & sometimes their stride but most of the time just boys being boys. Regardless it was still fun! The little sports feel it gave was suffice but like my initial impression, I wouldn’t say it as concrete sport series; it didn’t ignite my interest (and by interest I meant checking and reading things about sports like I did with our sports manga I read/watch). Hell, the story was fun for what it was!
  • Nijiiro Days – sometimes I felt like I just watched a commercial. So short & I always crave for more but alas that was it for the week. I would have preferred a 12-episode run with 30 minutes time length than what we have now. But beggars can’t be choosers? Just give me all the Matsun + Mari-chan rabu-rabu moments then I think I’ll be fine.
  • Dagashi Kashi – I learned so much about Japanese candies & snacks all thanks to this anime. If I go to Japan I’ll make sure to sample some of the treats the series featured. I’m quite intrigued (I want to drink a ramune, and snack on umaibo and taste that baby star ramen!). This figuratively feed the “shinnichi” in me!
  • Akagami no Shirayuki-hime 2nd Season – my watching of this series is pretty inconsistent. To be honest, I was only excited to watch it if it was about Obi. Obi is my favorite character. I do love Zen but there’s something about this wild boy that I’m undeniable attracted to. Ah, Shirayuki I’m so jealous!
  • Ajin – if you ask if I got over the CGI, I didn’t. But in all fairness that adaptation was pretty straight so I don’t have any complaints about that. I don’t expect any second season anytime soon (or none at all). The story is pretty much close to the current chapters. They did hop some stand-alone event but I heard it was going to be launched as OVA instead. I liked it. Not the biggest Ajin fan but I do like it!

Sneak Peek of my 2016 Spring Line-Up!

12-sai.: Chicchana Mune no Tokimeki – because I need a slice of life/romance anime. But I do have a feeling I might drop it eventually. But let’s see…I could be wrong, & maybe it’s good.

Big Order – I love me some action so why not?!

Boku no Hero Academia – I read the first chapter, not feeling it. But then I watched the trailer & found it interesting. So I plan to watch it. I hope it’s good since I prefer watching shounen series than reading it.

Bungou Stray Dogs – like BokuAka, I read a couple of chapters then forgot about it. Trailer too did it for me. It was interesting from the little I read. Who knows I might pick it up again if my watching it end up successfully.

Joker Game – IG’s original and it really, really looks good. The setting from what I remember is during the WWII and about spies! I mean, isn’t that sounds fab! I told my said “I’m in!”

Sakamoto desu ga? – I need to finish reading this! But let me tell you this series is crack! Like Sakamoto is too cool that even enemies fall over heels with him. But this said coolness is so perfect it’s funny. Sakamoto antics are just outrageous but everyone much to my confusion was falling for him! Definitely excited for this!

Sousei no Onmyouji – like Bungou Stray Dogs & BokuAka I read the manga (only the first chapter). Didn’t find it interesting. But I’m giving a try with the same reason as BokuAka.

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge – I’ve read the manga, and let me tell you the MC is lazy AF!!! But that’s make him funny. I didn’t read a lot but I feel sorry for the guy persuading him to move. Guys so lazy…lazier than me! LOL

Terra Formars Revenge – I watched the first season so it’s no brainer than I’m picking up the second.

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6 Responses to Winter 2016 Wrap-up! (+ Spring ‘16 Watch List)

  1. Kezia says:

    HAIKYUUUUU definitely! This anime just gave me a lot of feels!! Ep 24 was the best though because Seijou and Karasuno had that amazing long rally and I was super excited when somebody managed to get the ball in the air. So many intense and passionate receives!!

    I finished watching BokuMachi and I was like ?!?! because the ending felt abrupt too me. I didn’t know that it was different from the manga though! I

    And I dropped Ajin after the first episode since I didn’t quite understand it… But I’m still giving Prince of Stride a chance. I have yet to watch the final two episodes but the show was quite entertaining nonetheless. There was one episode in which they went to the pool and played beach volleyball. Totally reminded me of Free and Haikyuu xD

    I personally think spring line-up doesn’t look as promising as the summer one but I’m also planning to watch Bungou Stray Dogs. Let’s hope it’s good!!

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Yes, ep 24 gave me all the feels. I’ve watched it so many times already. Even though I’m not a huge Seijou/Oikawa fan, I was totally blown away by that moment when Oikawa did the long toss!

      Unfortunately they butchered & changed the ending. In essence it was the same but they left important details out. That was my biggest complaint.

      Ajin was good, I just hate CGI. I can’t stop feeling weird how mechanical everyone moved. Ugh, too bad it was kinda good, all things considered.

      I’m waiting for summer. I have 5 series in summer that I’m very excited to watch…spring? meh…but let’s see. xD

  2. Alex says:

    I’m super hyped for spring (although summer does look interesting, well let’s see)
    Haikyuu! was super amazing! Omg, the Seijou and Karasuno match was really, really epic! 😍 I’m going to miss the boys until October. So, the third season is only the Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa match? Hopefully, we’ll have the Fukurodani vs Nekoma match (Seeing my two favourite teams like this though 😢)
    Also, we’ll get to see Akiteru the spy and Oikawa in glasses! I’m super excited for fall also 😝
    I have the same gripe about ERASED (I’m too lazy to type the entire title) it could have been my favourite too, if it wasn’t for the ending. I’m loving Ajin though! The CGI isn’t weird for me (I actually kind of like it) and I have to catch up with it though.😅
    Prince of Stide was fujoshi bait which I didn’t like (coming from a fujoshi) and I’m not exactly pleased with how it ended either. I’m a sour grape about it.
    As for spring, I’m wondering how on earth I’m going to watch nine shows (I normally watch four to five) 😥
    I’m going along with BokuAka (I actually thought this was the Bokuto and Akaashi ship at first), Bungou Stray Dogs (read the manga so I’m super excited for this), Tanaka-kun (It’s different from what I normally watch and it sounds interesting so why not?), Joker Game (spies, WWII) and a couple of other shows like Mayoiga (I didn’t understand the PV one bit), Kiznaiver (sounds interesting), Kabeneri of the Iron Fortress (idk if the spelling is correct, but this show looks almost like AOT), Twin Star Exorcists (I might drop this one) and Bakuon! (Sports anime, girls on motorcycles, why not? Besides, I LOVE motorcycles, so yeah)
    I’m sorry for this comment essay though. Awesome post! 😁

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I’m glad that you’re hype for spring, I’m on the chill side. But maybe it’s too soon to tell but I don’t have much awaited series with this line-up.

      Yes, BokuDake was almost awesome if it wasn’t for that ending. I’m quite surprised that you don’t mind the CGI, few people complained about it.

      We almost have the same line-up, hope these fellas are good! Still thinking positive here! (and no, I don’t mind longish comment, I LOVE reading them!)

    • Alex says:

      I’ve been hyped for these shows since January, when I thought winter was boring so I think my expectations miiiight have skyrocketed. Who knows? 😁

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Winter was good. Now that I’ve seen 4 of the shows, I think Bungou Stray Dogs is my fave. But let’s still see. I’ve just seen one ep so my mind might changed. 😀

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