It’s that time again. I usually wait for at least 4-5 episodes before I give first impressions but I decided to change that and give my verdict (lol verdict!) after the premiere or first two eps. Why? Because my first impression and wrap-up are too close for comfort! >.< So I decided why not change it! And besides it’s called first impression! So it should live up to the title! LOL

Anyway, there’s nothing really WOW me, I mean there are couple of anime I do love (like three of them) but I’m still keeping up with the rest because I already started them and they aren’t boring me yet for me to think of discontinuing. I can say that this year’s winter line-up is pretty weak compare to last year~ But the year is just starting! You know I have anime I absolutely 100% looking forward in the coming season. But that’s for another round! LOL Let’s get going!

01. 3-gatsu no Lion – Sayonara Bystander~!!!  Love Yuki! I love the new OP although Bump of Chicken’s songs last time were the bomb; I like the new OP & ED! What else can I say about this series than, well LOVE! I’m one of those silently loving this series last season amidst the noise brought by screaming fangirls over other shows*wiggle eyebrows* *coughs* Anyway! Arim— er, I mean Souya-san!!!!

02.  ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka – I love this anime & I don’t know why! The OP was so GOOD! It’s very nostalgic, the beat reminds me of OP songs from old anime songs (first one that popped up was Bakuretsu Hunter, I’m not even sure why ^^;) But I love the mellow, tone- down, then all jazzy BG music playing + the FOOD! Jean Otus is so suave; his droopy eyes, nonchalant and the way he lights his cigarette! *finger hearts* I love the plot twist in the second ep (Nino WHY??!! T^T). It was very strong start for me! Please keep it up!!!

03. Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen – First, let’s talk about Takuya’s voice—ah, no we’re not talking about his vocals but damn hot that OP! Fave too this season! Anyway, even it was way too long waiting I’m so happy to be watching it this year! It assaulted me with many emotions because of how memorable this anime is to me! But of course that one the top it all is excitement! I plan to watch it blindly but let me tell you the impulse to read the manga is just ginormous! *twiddle thumb*

04. ēlDLIVE – Hmmm, I feel so conflicted. On one hand, it’s entertaining; alien & cute character designs then whole space police thingy. On the other, it’s feels so…childish? Like those Saturday morning cartoons…I’m not too sure about this, although it’s not boring it wasn’t super engaging as I hoped…I’ll keep this one just in case the momentum pick up.

05. Fuuka – There’s something about Seo Kouji’s works that feels so meh to me… it’s why I don’t have tiny inkling to pick up Suzuka or this anime’s manga counterpart. I feel so blah about this, I actually prefer Kaidan Tochuu no Big Noise, a series I tried before (also about a band). I feel so bored watching this…if there’s an anime I’ll be dropping this season I’m pretty sure this one top the list!

06. Gintama (2017) – Ah~ Kagura’s family: the beautiful yet fragile mom, her baka aniki and that father of hers! Am I ready or Am I ready! I’m always ready for this one…hmm, although I’m wondering how many cour this one will be, the manga’s on-going & admittedly I have put it on-hold (because I tend to like reading Gintama on one go!) but if I gauge it right, it’s pretty close? Let’s see.

07. Kuzu no Honkai – Ugh, again UGH…and for emphasis UGH!!  I now remember why I dropped this series. I DON’T LIKE ANYONE! NOT THE TWO MCS. NOT THE FRIENDS. NOT THEIR RANDOM HOOKUPS! NADA!!! It also belongs in the same list as Fuuka! Seriously, I feel that production budget for this one is a waste considering there’s nothing really outstanding with this one. Unrequited love was tackled strongly & sophisticatedly in Honey and Clover! This one, just hook-up…and hook-up after hook-up. Hey, I know it’s a coping mechanism but come on, every. single. one. of. them?? REALLY?? *roll eyes* There are far better manga series with equally better message that deserve anime like 10-manbun no 1 (about a girl with ALS) or Sekai Kara Neko ga Kieta Nara (it did have a j-drama but I’m not a fan of drama). Think about it!

08. Masamune-kun no Revenge – it’s fun, nonsensical (at least based on my first impression) mindless entertainment. There’s nothing really speaks to me but it is what it needs to be. It didn’t look pretentious like Kuzu no Honkai as if it has some depth. This one feels like a series I have fun watching then will forget about it after a day! Hey, it is, as I said, fun so I’m keeping this one!

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