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Time to wrap-up things, people! I must say that in...

Time to wrap-up things, people! I must say that in entirety, this season was pretty slow. I have favorites but NGL I have never dropped so many series as fast as I have for this season. Says so much how I loathed some of them (OK, two of them to be more precise!). Ah…let’s get the show rolling~

1. 3-gatsu no Lion – aw~ I guess my favorite parts of the series won’t be included but that’s OK! If I were to sum up the experience, it’s still a pretty solid anime adaptation. Sure I was grumbling over the excessive visual presentations but it did hit where it matters (right in the kokoro, gals~! lolol) What else can I expect from Umino Chica-sensei amazing writing? Only the best! It was one those series that gets you for real—making you cry and laugh just seconds after! Solid series, this one!

2. ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka – hands down my favorite this winter! I hated how obvious the animation budget of this series, the blatant lack of finesse was so apparent—which is ironic considering the theme of this series is subtlety of the details! Anyhoo, that didn’t discourse anything about how amazing this series was! I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did—but I did and it was 100% awesome! I loved how all those politic talks didn’t overwhelm me (bcos this topic aggravates or bores me—depends on your (and mine) stance LMAO) but yeah, it was pretty engaging despite all of that! Again, a solid one for me! Thanks Madhouse for introducing this series to us!

3. Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen – again another favorite! This and ACCA-13 were the ones I didn’t miss the airing time. For some reason, this season made me forgot some of the series I was watching until I saw people talking about and I was like “oops I forgot again,” but not this one, no! I really enjoyed watching it and it made me all interested with Yukio. He’s not one of my faves. I admit at the start I find him tad bit pompous; but for some reason the moments he had in this arc really intrigued me! I want to know more about this talented brother that hiding behind his infamous twin brother!

4. Gintama (2017) – ah…so, there’s a new season…like how can that happen? They’re gonna air the current arc—like what’s currently happening in the manga? Sure, I was heavily conflicted with this Gintama (oh boy do I miss the gag; well there was still gag but the heavy scenes were sometimes, well, heavy!)  But oh yeah, still gonna continue! Let’s see how it’ll go!

5. Masamune-kun no Revenge – OK, so it was OK! I’m not biggest harem reader/watcher (reverse harem is different topic altogether—fight me!) but this one’s OK. I wish he…idk, crueler? He seems to be weak compare to his objective at the beginning! And these girls just don’t help! I’m few episodes behind but I’ll get there when needed—unless spring anime series takes my interest completely!

I dropped the following series:

1. ēlDLIVE – sorry Amano-sensei, me and your new series just don’t jive really well. Like I said in my first impression, it’s too childish for me. The atmosphere, those cutesy aliens…the characters. Nothing really grabbed me. I kept postponing watching it until I saw myself completely lost interest…

2. Fuuka – ack, no, the angst, the characters. I. DON’T. LIKE. IT! So, nope, gotta get this out of the way.

3. Kuzu no Honkai – pretentious little crap, this show. I hated it! So I dropped it because—hindi siya kawalan. Walang kwenta! Nakakainis, nakakabanas. Wala akong masabing mabuti kaya tatagalugin ko na lang. Sa totoo lang walang pinatutunayan ‘tong series na ito. Pa-controversial effect ek, ek ,na walang katuturan. At hindi lamang sa theme niya, wala talaga connect ang mga bagay-bagay dito. Ugh, nakakainis ipaliwanag. Basta ayoko!*sighs* Well, it’s good at riling me up! Much hated!

Spring 2017 Tentative Watch-List!

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1. Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season – HYPE!  You guys should know how I love this series! So hells yeah, I’m totes excited!

2. Fukumenkei Noise – I caught up with the manga and my body is all ready for the anime! I hope the music is as good as the manga portrays it—especially we have two talented music writers in the story! Let’s say I’m hype for this one, too!

3. Kenka Banchou Otome: Girl Beats Boys – otome! I read the first chapter and was totally interested. So I’m quite happy to see an anime where it has my favorite tropes—gender bender & reverse harem!

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4. Sakurada Reset – I saw the trailer and immediately mesmerized. About folks in small island town we different abilities! Very intriguing!

5. Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 – two words—ABOUT TIME!

6. Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni… – smut series lolol I’m gonna try this one for the laughs. I got confused when I saw visuals because I did try Ako Shimaki-sensei current manga series Boku no Rinne (not to get confused with Rumiko Takahashi’s Kyoukai no Rinne OK?) & I thought it was one and the same (monk, bijin…you know *wink, nudge, nudge*) hehehe, but it wasn’t but I’m like “WTH, I’m just gonna try it.”

7. Tsuki ga Kirei – it has the same feels as Sakurada Reset so I have similar expectations for the series. It has this romance, maybe slice of life vibes to it. So gotta try it out!

Maybe List: I’m still thinking whether I’ll watch it, trailers are interesting…so maybe: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (I’ll prob just gonna check out the first episode lolol), Kabukibu!, Seikaisuru Kado

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