Title: Wolfsbane
Author: Andrea Cremer
Series: (Nightshade #2)
Published: July 2011 by Penguin Young Readers Group

I was about to write this review last night. But I was so heartbroken yesterday because Tod didn’t win, and I couldn’t do anything (as in anything at all). Yeah, I was in state of shock. But like every contest there’s a winner and a loser. And like someone says there’s no losers, only delayed success. I’m so clinging to that notion, next time it’ll be sweeter. Because revenge will be sweeter!

I already wrote a rant style review at goodreads. So here’s another semi-rant style – longer edition. If I knew Ren wouldn’t be visible as I hoped for, I probably would have set this book aside and read it later. Because this book in a word, disappointing.

Have you read my ridiculous rant? Yes, basically I hate the fact that Ren was treated like a thrash here. Well… not exactly a trash, but close enough. So after Calla ran away from her wedding, she and Shay were caught by the Searchers. But it turned out they aren’t the enemy, they even asked for their help and told them about scheme the keepers did. Also they hold the information about Shay’s status as the scion. Calla decided to help them but she wanted to help her pack, and Ren who is probably being punished by the Keepers.

I really don’t like this book, but I gave it three stars because… well, for Ren. I’m so sad about what happened to him. It is probably much worst than what happen to Ash (The Iron Knight). At least with Ash he’s with the woman he loved. Ren, he loses everything. Yes, like everything. His family, his pack, his position as an alpha… and the worst of all, the girl he likes. If I were broken-hearted about Ash, I think my heart had experience breaking into molecules pieces, and when his father died it broke into atom size pieces. Yes, my heart had shattered and I don’t know if it’s possible to break again. This is much worst than what happened to Adrian (Vampire Academy). Yes, much worst.

And in my humble, irrational and biased opinion, I don’t even like Calla for him. Seriously, why would I like this girl for him when all it did to him was break his heart? But if that’s the girl will make him happy, then yes… or maybe… or not. Ugh, so confusing. Really, I was kinda pissed, especially after I read Bloodrose first chapter. Can Calla restrains her hormones, it’s scattering all over the place. If she loves Shay like she said, then be with Shay, let Ren go because it’s so unfair for him to hope for something he can never have. I once told someone that I’d rather Cremer end the series with Calla not choosing either of them. Why? If Ren would be heartbroken then I hope Shay too, even at least in that aspect. He took everything from him – Calla, his position as the alpha and he’s even the freaking Scion. He gets everything and Ren is literally in the corner, holding to the “what-if” of his life. Oh, poor, poor Ren.

I was surprised to find out that Bloodrose release is earlier next year. Ok, so that’s the good news. The bad news is my expectations. After reading this book, I know Ren would be again set aside, and glorifying their ever favorite Shay. I mean, come on Ren’s a strong character why not make him that. I don’t want him just another corner of the triangle. A display. He’s got potential, why work on that, instead of a constant reminder for Calla, a guilt every time she makes out with Shay. And for pete’s sake, please don’t make him the main character of Calla’s flashbacks (that guilt thing is already irritating, much more this). I want him to be the Ren I know and I fell in love with. I hate his remorse state here.