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what's on my reading list January 2016

Pretty satisfied with my manga reading last December! I was pretty happy with the series I tried.  Yeah, “tried” because while I read a decent amount I’ve never gone past one or two volumes (and those I want more are currently ongoing like Bara Kangoku no Kemono-tachi which I absolutely adore! ) Anyway, I’m pretty pump up for the New Year so hopefully this enthusiasm transfer to my reading habits (perhaps to books as well). Gotta keep it up, keep it up!

『1センチよりも近く』 (1-Senchi Yori mo Chikaku) a super cute series about girl who observed this senpai & got to know one of his track & field team mates. He introduced her to the senpai but turned out the he wasn’t what she thought he was… you prob guess what’s up ahead! My favorite read of the month is hands down 『薔薇監獄の獣たち』 (Bara Kangoku no Kemono-tachi). It’s about girl who was bitten by werewolf & she despite being human was turned into one of them. She was confined to an island/rehabilitation/school for the weres and she has some clashing with some alphas (werewolves pack leaders), notably the very guy who bit her! I really loved this shoujo! I loved the MC, she has spunk! And the romance was subtle, you know it was there but it wasn’t shove-to-you-face kind! Just right for me!  And that art! *blow kisses* BEAUTIFUL! Next, 『ビリオンドッグズ』 (Billion Dogs) is about this guy, a son of renowned politician and model student staged a crime to oust his friend. But it was all an act; guy’s father was a crook and they will try to embezzle from his dad’s political backers/supporters.

This is a series with multiple MCs 『ぼくらのヒミツ。』(Bokura no Himitsu.) boys have some fetish and they tried to hide it. Honestly it was cute but hardly memorable!  Same with 『チャラい羽山にきゅんときた』 (Charai Hayama ni Kyun to Kita), I think a good girl met with playboy, sparks flew and the guy turned out to be so much more? Hahaha, it was very forgettable but I think it was kinda cute… LOL here’s another one (I swear they were listed alphabetical order so it’s not that I listed them particularly ) 『千秋センパイの言うとおり』 Chiaki-senpai no Iutoori . As the title suggests it’s about the senpai and this girl who was currently working as executive committee for the cultural festival. And so they worked together, and got to know about him beyond what everyone knew…or something like that. ^^;

In a civilization where it is predominantly winter is the setting of 『ファイアパンチ』 (Fire Punch). The prologue was weirdly fascinating. I admit I was initially put-off by the cannibalism and direct mention of incest but I was really intrigued by beings made of fire (produces fire?) but after that good introduction I got bored so I stopped, hence the first volume only. I may pick it up again but I read nothing big is happening as of now, and story was bit slow, and unnecessary violent? (at least that’s what I heard from grapevine). Let’s see. 『花と落雷』 (Hana to Rakurai) is such cute story—cute in nice way with not all about romance! There are two female MCs and I liked the second one. Her story was really surprising and surely sad! It was short but I really, really liked it! 『星くず学園Cコース』 (Hoshikuzu Gakuen C Course) story of a girl who was unable to attend high school due to financial reasons, can now attend via night school! There she met different people. It was nice, kinda different take but nothing sparks to me. So it was just OK!

『ホテルS.L.』  (Hotel S.L.) about this new chef of the hotel—a hotel on the outside but run by people who protects the peace and order of the city! Actually I’m more intrigued with the chef than the rest of half hoodlums, half peacekeepers…or whatever they are called. He was strong but nice! I love to read his backstory! 『溺れる吐息に甘いキス』(Oboreru Toiki ni Amai Kiss) a josei, about your usual workplace romance! Oh there’s a love triangle… I think the other guy likes him! 『新戸ちゃんとお兄ちゃん』 (Shinto-chan to Oniichan) a NEET and her new weird brother! It was funny, and episodic therefore I don’t have solid opinion about it for now. And finally 『ツイン ロール』 (Twin Role)! Super cute, girl and boy met online. Guy’s a composer while the girl is the one making the animation for his work. But the girl didn’t know that guy was guy. And they are schoolmates! So cute.


And that’s it! So how about you, how’s the reading pile? Overwhelming like mine? Care to share it with me?