There’s an evidently decreased with my reading list last April! With my new schedule, some personal endeavors and that travel trip I was little to no mood to do some new reading! But nonetheless I still read. I think I was giving myself some favor actually, that I stop scouring currently new ongoing series added to my trove because last month I did some reorganizing with my current reads and filed at google drive, and I’m absolutely aghast on how much series I’m currently following!!!—almost 100??!! Yeah, so yeah…I have no shame #weeb #waytoomuch #ihasnolife


エス エターナル サバス



兄友 (Ani Tomo), (Status: Ongoing/ Currently Reading): I tried like 4 chapters it was kinda cute, it’s about a girl who’s bit motherly type and her brother’s friend who became her boyfriend. They fun on this series is how awkward those two navigating their new relationship! エス エターナル サバス (ES) (Status: Finished): is an old series from the same author of Mars. It’s about artificial made humans that wreaking havoc on human, the entire series was pretty intriguing but later parts felt little flat! I wonder if the author rushed the whole thing because it felt she lost the spark she had earlier! Ah what a waste! And the ending? Could you call that an ending??!! *sighs*Moving on, 服を着るならこんなふうに (Fuku o Kiru Nara Konna Fuu ni) (Status: Ongoing/ Currently Reading): is josei series about siblings—nope where not dealing incest vibe, in fact I find the series very refreshing (although I’ve only read one volume so…) but it’s about a salary man who lacks fashion sense! But he doesn’t to worry because little sis is saving his sloppy fashion style!  Next up is恋にならないワケがない (Koi ni Naranai Wake ga Nai), (Status: Ongoing/ Currently Reading): I was interested because the love interest is a college student and I adore love stories set in college/universities rather in high school (because I find the situation more mature than HS but not too old so there’ still youngish vibe!) but it’s one of those shoujo clichés! I liked it but I don’t love it!





リビングの松永さん(Living no Matsunaga-san) (Status: Ongoing/ Currently Reading): is a cute shoujo series, it’s from the same author Bokkonrinri which I showcased in the WonMRL? feature for March. The girl due to some circumstances with her family, she now lives with her uncle in a share apartment. It has borders and the love interest, the titular Matsunaga-san is funny guy! I love the subtle romantic vibes, I hope the mellow, comedic tone remain consistent throughout the run. マーメイド・ボーイズ  (Mermaid Boys) (Status: Ongoing/ Currently Reading): is a funny series and I absolutely adore it! You pretty much can surmise the plot based on very obvious title! Prince of the sea kingdom fell for human girl went there under a spell, like Ariel, she needs to fall in love with him or else, he’ll become a foam and go capoot! Hahaha!! Seriously what a funny series! I have two long webtoons series I devoured last month, one is이미테이션 (Imitation) (Status: Ongoing/ Currently Reading): which is about k-pop idols dating~ It’s so cute, Ryoc was this aloof, cold guy but when he fell in love with FMC, Maha of an upcoming girl group, he’s so sickingly sweet! I love it it’s so cute and fluffy!  매의검 (Maeuigeom), (Status: Ongoing/ Currently Reading): it’s Korean webtoons and historical-fiction and I freaking love it. I’ve been putting it on-hold for so long but one night I decided to dig in and I just fall in love with the entire shebang~ And the art so much love! The romance is exquisite! Again much LOVE!!!

And that’s it! So how about you, how’s the reading pile? Overwhelming like mine? Care to share it with me?