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Here we go again, a wrap-up! I kept thinking about...

Here we go again, a wrap-up! I kept thinking about the situation we are right now, and personally there wasn’t a big difference between my pre-quarantine and quarantine life, although the latter has made me more terrified than I already am. I think I’m slowly accepting the adjustment I have to make in order to cope with these circumstances. And even though I’m an introvert and spend most of my time indoors, I just can’t help be bummed about the whole thing. Entry title is a quote by Dianne Reeves; and maybe this is night and we have to endure it to look forward to brighter days!

By now we’re experiencing some sort of fatigue. I, for one, really craving the normalcy—like leisurely going out and buy my milk tea or just simply browsing clothes stores. Those simple things felt like eons now. I just can’t go out and not feel like I caught of something. In these times it’s hard not to feel stressed out and hopeless.

But yeah, I’m managing in the best way I know how; like most people do these days. I admit that my grumbles aren’t as huge as other who are gravely affected by this pandemic. But life has been very trying. And I’m making an effort to stay sane as the months goes by (with little to no flicker at sight) the month, yes June, had better days. More better days ahead, this I pray.

Blogging in June: Same old, same old as I transition to the brand new!

The one post per month (technically two, if wrap-up is included) is more of preparation for new things to come than my usual unmotivated and lazy excuses. It feels productive to channel my energy into prepping (because I’m somewhat ambitious) than blog more (since there’s gonna be some changes with post—presentation wise. Honestly this whole revamp is giving enough endorphins to pump my creative ideas! I’m thriving through new design and that’s a very welcome distraction. Also, if you haven’t seen it here’s my post for the month—2020 Mid-Year Progress Report! How’s the goals & resolution so far?

Reading in June: Another productive month for reading, truly an effective escapism!

other phone exclusively for reading!

Half of this positive energy went to reading because what’s better form of escapism than reading? Yes? Yes! I’ve read tons lot and they were pretty awesome reads! I also finally updated my reading list and 2020 reads! So many huge series ended, like Kimetsu no Yaiba and Yakusoku Neverland. So, it’s time for me to find new amazing reads!

  1. | Attack on Titan – MAPPA dropped the trailer and it got me super excited that I decided to watch the anime (all 3 seasons) and then catch up the manga! And oh boy, that’s like years and years of content. What happen to my boy Eren?
  2. 일렉시드 | Eleceed – fave of the month hands down! Like there’s cat and some bishies and youth fighting prowess, and did I say cats? It’s from the author of Noblesse which I loved (flaws and all) and like author-nim’s previous work I fell in love—HARD!
  3. 오늘부터 남자입니다 | From Today On, I’m a Boy – I liked the premise of girl posed as a guy via bet: that if she can pull it off, she’ll win billion won from her very rich friend (who happened to be secretly in love with her)! But it wasn’t Ouran-fantasy comedy and the likes because it tackled sensitive issues like bullying. It was a shame that most of the characters’ backstory happened in the extra chapters instead of the main story.
  4. 굿바이 사돈! | Goodbye In-Laws! – I read this before, stopped, the continued and finally finished reading the whole thing! I loved the comedy but of course I was rooting for the romance, amid the bickering you can see the romantic tension between the protagonists! And I loved romance brewed in tsundere-ness!
  5. 사랑하는 사람이 생겼습니다 | I Found Somebody to Love – a sweet romance between a college student and professor. Though there was age & professional gap, the way their romance developed was sweet and slow. Even though FMC has been carrying around personal & health issues this made me think that the older guy was more effective as love interest.
  6. 아기가 생겼어요 | Positively Yours – one-night stand > then preggy > marriage proposal > dating > then falling in love for reals! Just so you know I love clichés and parents-in-the-making is one of those tropes that gets me every time!
  7. | Shitsuren Misui – reunited lovers that was separated by misunderstanding! You know that meme of the thick book versus slimmer one? Yeah, that’s the right imagery for this one. If only they actually had decent conversation this whole thing would never happen! But then we wouldn’t have a story so it kinda made sense!
  8. 흔한 환생녀의 사정 | The Stereotypical Life of Reincarnated Lady – pretty much the title, the FMC isekai-ed and is trying not to get close to the ML to avoid death but y’all know that it’s gonna be the opposite! Yeah, stereotypical it is!
  9. 비타민C 비타민D | Vitamin C, Vitamin D – tomboyish girl (think Tachibana of Aoharu x Kikanjuu) and popular guy with some family issues; yes, the unlikely pair fell in love! Honestly there’s nothing much to the plot but idkw I just dig it!
  10. 꽃이 피면 우리는 | When We Bloom – popular rich girl befriended the school outcast, she promised that she will stay with him forever only to be sent overseas and didn’t return until five years later! Now, they guy still waiting for her and her promise of forever! How cute, ah~ youthful and idealistic romance stories!

Life in June: Continually praying and wishing for better days. I realized that I took some things for granted!

Catching up on things + distractions!
  • Because I was craving for more inspiration revamp of my workspace and this blog, I was sucked into pinterest hole and I just created many mood boards and eye candies that are giving me enough inspiration to work on!
  • We celebrated my younger sister and grandma’s birthday this month! Stay at home dinner among us since we’re still under quarantine and despite some restrictions that got lifted it still ain’t safe. Yes, restos and malls are open now but it’s still terrifying and absolutely hazardous to loiter outside.  (If you can please stay at home, our numbers ain’t dwindling. I know we’re all now feeling the quarantine fatigue and desperately craving some form of normalcy but it still isn’t safe). I do miss eating out, and just go out with no important reason but it can’ be helped!
  • I’m so preoccupied with some adult matters that I couldn’t comprehend no matter how much I read about it. Ugh, it sucks! It’s so ill-timed because if they aren’t aware yet, we’re still in the middle of pandemic and it’s just so damn scary! Is there really no other way! Uuuughh, I feel so confused right now!

Looking Forward to July: Strange, how months moves fast but still feels like it’s slow too? Processing everything’s hard!

  • It’s my little niece’s birthday and she is asking me to buy her some art materials as her birthday gift. I’ve bookmarked some so I hope she will like what I’m gonna buy for her! She will just turn 11 and she originally asked me about make-up and told her when she’s older, for now I’ll just support her artistic talent!
  • Working on something (including that adulting shenanigans that I whined above ^) so I think I’m gonna direct some valuable time into accomplishing it even though I’m so fed up about it. But what else is there left but to do it! Adult life sucks all the fun! *sighs*
  • New anime! I only have Fire Force, God of High School, Balance Unlimited (because it was delayed and now will air last week of July iirc) and Fruits Basket (spring leftover). Not much but I still eyeing Mob Psycho 100 S2 and Black Clover on Netflix to marathon! So yeah, it feels pretty plenty!
Be patient, God has an eternity of better days. Do his will on earth with joy and await your reward.—1 Peter 5:10
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