With the recent success of Divergent and now the movie release of The Fault in Our Stars, I think a lot of people are now aware (or much aware) of the existence of the books. If you didn’t know, I don’t have fondness towards the books (the latter, well, I have no interest to read it). I know that the fanbase of these two are massive so it’s probably one of the reasons why it did well (or will do well in TFIOS case) in the box office. And I also liked the approach of the producers to the films, I think they like to cater the movie to both fans and I think that wisest method when it comes to adaptation. You’re not only pleasing the fans but also the moviegoers.

But I digress, I did watch Divergent and still loathed it. Why did I watch it when I hated it? Just called it morbid curiosity. I, for one, seem to like torturing myself by exposing to a material I hated. But hating what most of the population like or love even, sucks big time. Do I want to be in this position? Hell to the no (and back and forth). I don’t want to be in this side of the town. It sucks because I want to enjoy something like the others do. Do I read to critique? Nope. I read for fun and that’s always my goal whenever I open a brand new book.

But here I am hating the one they love. And it’s not really good position to be in but at the same time it just shows how diverse reader’s taste which is actually good for everyone. How’s me hating the book or someone disliking the book has good effect on everyone? For me it just gives dimension and variety to our reading. Because it’s going to be boring if we end up liking the same thing. And if they are producing the same damn thing. I’m pretty sure that there are people who hate the book that I love and that’s ok, I don’t fault them for that. Some things work and some things don’t. It just the way it works.

I don’t judge people based on their reading preference or their opinions on the book (yes, if you’re an adult reading YA that’s ok. I’m one of those people that will not judge you!). I believe every opinion is valid (but how you handle that is very important, too) because the reader interpreted it in his/her own way. I always believe that reading is something very personal. I think an author said (which once again I forgot) that once your book is out there it’s no longer yours.

So how about you, have you read a book that you ended up disliking but everyone seemed to love? Care to share it with me?